Configuring MMos for SimuCUBE

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This page instructs setting up MMos firmware to work with SimuCUBE.

Prepearation[edit | edit source]

To access settings:

  1. Connect SimuCUBE X3 to PC with USB cable
  2. Power on SimuCUBE
  3. Start MMos configuration software (available from third party sites as well as MMos firmware)

Settings[edit | edit source]

Hardware settings[edit | edit source]

The most important settings reside in Setup screen of MMos software:


Suggested settings are displayed in the image above. However depending on motor to be used, following settings may vary:

  • Encoder CPR - set this to match motor encoder resolution (correct value is 4x of encoder pulses per revolution). I.e. for 2500 PPR encoder, set this to 10000 CPR and 5000 PPR set this to 20000 CPR etc.
  • Reverse encoder - if motor encoder counting direction is inverse compared to a normal case, then tick this setting. The need of inversion can be identified by seeing how force feedback operates: if increasing Spring desktop effect causes motor to run away from center, then this needs to be ticked. When properly set, spring effect will bring device into center position.
  • Use encoder index - this is optional and ticking it can avoid the need of centering wheel manually after each power-on
  • Analog axes, Buttons, Shifters - these are all optional and can be configured to match the connected pedals and buttons in the SimuCUBE X12 and X11 connectors.

Effect settings[edit | edit source]

These settings define the feel of force feedback. These are depend highly on user preferences. One may use following settings as starting point:


Now SimuCUBE should be fully functional and ready to be used in simulator applications/games. Configuring/calibrating simulator applications is out of this user guide's scope. To proceed from here, follow the instructions of your simulator software.

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