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Connecting motor to SimuCUBE involves wiring motor power and Feedback device (encoder) to the corresponding connectors. This page instructs making these connections properly.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Cabling of SimuCUBE, see list of connectors and cables below.

Connectors and cables of image above:

  • X1 - 7 pin terminal for motor power and E-stop
  • X16 - Motor feedback device/encoder input
  • X3 - USB connector (HID/game controller)
  • X4 - USB connector (Granity/IONI configuration)
  • AC - 110-240 VAC power inlet
  • X12A & X12B - External button inputs (optional)
  • X13A - Pedal inputs (optional)
  • X11B - External analog inputs (optional)
  • A - E-Stop (normally closed/conducting switch)
  • B - Motor power cable
  • C - Motor encoder cable
  • D - USB to PC (HID/game controller)
  • E - USB to PC (Granity/IONI configuration)
  • F - AC power cord.

Motor power[edit | edit source]

Legend[edit | edit source]

Colors codes in the pin-out tables:

Supply pin
Input pin
Output pin

Motor power cable consists windings and the protective earth conductors. In 3 phase AC servo motor there are four conductors and they should be connected to X1 terminal block according to the table below:

Pin number Signal name Function Usage
1 U / PH1 Motor phase 1 AC servo motor phase U
2 V / PH2 Motor phase 2 AC servo motor phase V
3 W / PH3 Motor phase 3 AC servo motor phase W
4 PH4 Motor phase 4 Used only with 2-phase stepping motor
5 GND Motor protective earth conductor The yellow/green wire
6 E-Stop / STO E-Stop switch input Normall closed (conducting) E-Stop switch goes between pins 6 and 7
7 +5 V 5 VDC output (max 100 mA)

Refer your motor manufacturer's data sheet/specifications to identify wire colors of U, V and W phases.

Motor feedback device[edit | edit source]

Feedback device (in this case position sensor, usually encoder) need to be connected to SimuCUBE X16 input. X16 connector type on SimuCUBE is D-Sub 15 pin female with two pin rows, so the mating part is D-Sub 15 pin male connector with two pin rows.

Case A: pre-made encoder cable[edit | edit source]

If you have a motor that comes with pre-made encoder cable with SimuCUBE, IONI or ARGON compatible connector, then simply plug this connector to SimuCUBE X16.

Case B: make encoder connection[edit | edit source]

Mating X16 connector to SimuCUBE (D-Sub 15 pins, male, 2 rows, with solder cups)
D-Sub connector hood (15 pin size, 4-40 threaded screws)
If motor encoder cable comes with bare wire ends, or with incompatible connector, then soldering a D-Sub connector with SimuCUBE pin-out is necessary.
Pin # Pin name Electrical type (in most feedback device modes)
Shell GND Cable shield
1 HALL_W Hall sensor digital input W (optional)
2 HALL_V Hall sensor digital input V (optional)
3 HALL_U Hall sensor digital input U (optional)
4 GND Encoder supply ground / 0 V
5 B- Encoder differential input B-
6 B+ Encoder differential input B+
7 A- Encoder differential input A-
8 A+ Encoder differential input A+
9 5V_OUT Encoder supply +5 V output
10 GND Encoder supply ground / 0 V
11 GPI3 no connection
12 GPI2 no connection
13 GPI1 no connection
14 C- Encoder differential input C-
15 C+ Encoder differential input C+

In the table above, A, B, and C indicate the quadrature encoder differential signals. C channel is often also denoted as Z, Index or IDX. Refer your motor manufacturer's data sheet/specifications to identify wire colors for encoder signals. Pay extra attention to 5V and GND wiring as miswiring these may cause permanent damage to the encoder.

Making encoder connector[edit | edit source]

List of needed items & skills for making the encoder connector:

  • D-Sub connector and connector hood, see List of D-Sub 15 pin connector parts
  • Wire cutters & wire stripping tools
  • Soldering iron
  • Soldering skills
  • Motor manufacturer's data sheet where wire colors and signals are specified

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