Assembling SimuCUBE 320W kit

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Assembled 320W SimuCUBE system. Assembling this is the goal of this document.

This guide gives instructions of assembling a Granite Devices SimuCUBE kit for 320W power supply options. The kit of needed parts is available through Granite Devices web shop and also has been offered through SimuCUBE indiegogo campaign.

See also List of SimuCUBE documentation for 480W/720W model kit assembly instructions and other guides.

Tools and parts needed[edit | edit source]

Tools[edit | edit source]
  • Metric hex keys (2.5 + 3 + 4 mm)
  • Suitable wrench or pliers to hold M3 nuts
  • Small file, might be needed to touch off some of the laser cut tenons to ease up the assembly and prevent the use of excessive force
  • Suitable crimpers for wire terminals or a soldering iron
Parts (included in the full kit)[edit | edit source]
  • 1 pc SimuCUBE + IONI drive
  • 6 pcs acrylic pieces for the case
  • 1 pc Meanwell RSP-320 power supply
  • 2 pcs M3x10 countersunk screw
  • 8 pcs M4x8 button head screw
  • 4 pcs M5x10 button head screw
  • 2 pcs M3 locking nut
  • 1 pc Schurter DC11.00001.003 IEC power socket (Farnell 1207680
, Digikey 486-1963-ND)
  • 1 pc 60x60x25mm cooling fan capable of starting at 5V: Qualtek FAD1-06025BBLW12 (Digikey Q620-ND).
  • 50 cm of 1.5 mm^2 wire for electrical connections
  • 15 cm of 1.5 mm^2 yellow-green wire for protective earth (15 cm)
Optional[edit | edit source]
  • Gloves to prevent fingerprints on the acrylic parts while assembling the system
  • Wire end ferrules
  • Heat shrink tubing

Assembly[edit | edit source]

1) Cut off the round parts from the acrylic back plate and save these for later. These will be used as spacers for the SimuCUBE motherboard.

Simucube acrylic spacers common.png

2) Attach grounding and mains wires to the power connector by either soldering them or by using the crimp terminals. If you don't have an access to proper crimp pliers for these type of terminals, then soldering is more preferred method to prevent wires from getting loose. Make wires 14-15 cm long.

Mains power socket
Wires soldered to the connector
Heat shrink tubing to cover up the contacts
Wires with terminals attached
Terminals attached to the plug terminals

3) Fix the power plug to the acrylic back plate with M3x10 countersunk screws and M3 locking nuts.

Big case powerplug1.png
Small case powerplug2.png

5) Attach the back panel to the powersupply with two M4x8 button head screws (be careful, do not tighten too much!).

Small case back1.png
Small case back2.png

6) Connect grounding and mains wires to the power supply's screw terminal.

Wiring diagram for SimuCUBE motherboard + Meanwell RSP-320-48 (320W kit)

7) Attach IONI to the SimuCUBE motherboard by pressing it to the PCI-E-type connector. Use the four spacers cut from the acrylic back plate below the motherboard and fix it in place with four M4x8 button head screws.

Small case motherboard1.png
Small case motherboard2.png

8) Attach the 60mm fan on the acrylic side piece with four M5x10 button head screws, use the photo as a reference on which way the fan should be aligned. This configuration sucks air to the case and blows it towards the IONI and through the power supply.

Big case fan1.png
Big case fan2.png

10) Attach positive (+48VDC) and negative wires between the power supply output and motherboard terminals.

See step 6 for the wiring diagram

11) Attach the fan side plate in place and attach the fan wires to the quick terminal on the motherboard.

Fan wires attached to the motherboard

13) Attach the left exhaust, bottom and top panels with the logo to the case and carefully wiggle the front plate in place. Attach the front panel with two M4x8 button head screws.

Small case sides1.png
Small case fanside.png
Small case sides2.png
Small case top.png
Small case front1.png
Small case front2.png

14) Follow the SimuCUBE system user guide for usage

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