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A fully assembled SimuCUBE based force feedback controller. This page covers installation and usage of such devices.

This is the guide to install and configure SimuCUBE based Force feedback system (FFB) from the factory state to a working state.

This is for you if you have assembled SimuCUBE based system ready for use, or a system needing just motor wiring to the system.

If you have bare SimuCUBE mother board or SimuCUBE kit that needs assembly, see SimuCUBE documentation portal for earlier sections of the documentation.

Safety - read carefully[edit | edit source]

Overview[edit | edit source]

SimuCUBE complete system overview. Pedals and shifter are optional and power supply is usually integrated inside the SimuCUBE controller box.

The usage of SimuCUBE system involves connecting all necessary parts together and configuring software and parameters to work with the actual force feedback applications. This guide assumes that user already has necessary parts, including:

  • A SimuCUBE control box (with integrated power supply)
  • A servo motor to be used as force feedback actuator
  • A steering wheel attached to a motor
  • A PC computer with at least one USB 2.0 port and Microsoft Windows 7 or later Windows version
  • Firmware and software to be installed to SimuCUBE and to configure it via PC.
  • Wiring materials:
    • 1 or 2 Mini-USB cables
    • IEC C13 power cord (similar to most PC peripherals use)
    • Motor cables: power cable (with bare wire ends) and motor feedback device (encoder) cable. If the feedback device cable does not come with SimuCUBE (or IONI or ARGON) compatible feedback device connector installed, then having a two row male D-Sub 15 connector, connector hood, and soldering tools are also necessary to make the cable.

Installation step-by-step[edit | edit source]

Installation procedure main steps are:

  • PART 1: Connect motor to SimuCUBE. If motor does not come with SimuCUBE (or IONI or ARGON) compatible feedback device connector, then assembling a connector is also necessary.
  • PART 2: Configuring the IONI drive to match the motor properties. This is not required if you are planning to use a configuration file from various sources around the Internet. However, this article has guidelines and settings that are required when using SimuCUBE with a servo motor in general, if a ready-made configuration file is not available.
  • PART 3: Install the Force feedback firmware in the SimuCUBE. This is necessary as SimuCUBE ships without firmware for the time being.
  • PART 4: Optional: wire pedals, buttons and other input devices to SimuCUBE

For common pitfalls and problems, see SimuCUBE troubleshooting.

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