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Argon has four front panel led indicators which have dedicated indicating tasks:
  • LD1 SimpleMotion transmit led. Blinks when drive transmits data to bus.
  • LD2 SimpleMotion receive led. Blinks when drive receives data from bus.
  • LD3 Fault indicator
  • LD4 Motor control state indicator

How to read indications[edit | edit source]

  • LD1 and LD2, blink very briefly during data transmission. Due to short light pulses, these lights appear dimmer than other leds.
  • LD3 and LD4 have programmed blinking sequences. Sequences consists series of short (S) and long (L) light pulses. For example LLS means the led will blink two long flashs and then one short flash. After sequence there will be a pause before the sequence repeats.
  • LD3 and LD4 are independent and can show fault and motor state simultaneously. To easier reading sequence, cover one led with a thumb to be able to concentrate to one led.
  • LD3 and shows the first fault occurred if multiple fault states are active simultaneously.

List of all LD3 and LD4 sequences[edit | edit source]

To see animated images, view this Wiki page in a web browser with animations enabled.

Faults originated from I/O side of drive[edit | edit source]

Only LD3 is being controlled by these faults.

Fault reason LED sequence LED sequence as text
Hardware 3SLLS.gif SLLS
Program or memory 3SLSL.gif SLSL
Internal comm error (unable to establish comm) 3SLSS.gif SLSS
Internal comm error (in middle of operation) 3SSLL.gif SSLL
SimpleMotion communication 3LSSS.gif LSSS
Other/unknown 3LLSL.gif LLSL

Faults originated from GraniteCore side of drive[edit | edit source]

Only LD3 is being controlled by these faults.

Fault reason LED sequence LED sequence as text
Hardware 3LLSS.gif LLSS
Progral or memory 3LSLL.gif LSLL
Internal comm error (CRC) 3LSL.gif LSL
Initialization 3LSS.gif LSS
Over current 3SLL.gif SLL
Over temperature 3LSLS.gif LSLS
Over voltage 3SLS.gif SLS
Following error 3LS.gif LS
Under voltage 3SL.gif SL
Motion blocked or motor runaway 3SLL.gif SSL
Setpoint range exceeded 3LSSL.gif LSSL
Other/unknown, possibly configuration error such as motor mode Motor typeMT not selected 3SSSL.gif SSSL

Motor control states[edit | edit source]

Only LD4 is being controlled by these faults.

Status LED sequence LED sequence as text Motor output powered
Permanent stop (need device reset) 4LLS.gif LLS No
Fault stop (observe LD3 for reason) 4OFF.gif Off Depends on fault
Follow error recovery motion 4LS.gif LS Yes
Initializing 4SL.gif SL Yes
Homing 4LSS.gif LSS Yes
Run 4ON.gif On yes
Other/uncategorized (not any of above). For details, connect with Granity and see status bits. 4LLSS.gif LLSS No

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