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Simucube photo.jpg
Device type Single axis motherboard for IONI drives with force feedback functionality
Model number SimuCUBE 1R004
Supported motors AC, DC, BLDC, Stepper
Control modes Torque control
Status Active production, started 2016
DC supply voltage 20 - 49 VDC
Web site SimuCUBE
Compliance CE (EMC & LVD directives)
3D model TBA
Simplified chart of a SimuCUBE FFB simulator setup.
SimuCUBE is a complete simulator force feedback controller for single motorized actuator such as a steering wheel or a force feedback lever. Typical SimuCUBE applications include vehicle and equipment simulators.

SimuCUBE is is a modular device where motor is being controlled by an IONI Servo & Stepper Drive (sold separately) and torque Setpoint generation is being done by on-board dedicated 32 bit ARM microcontroller.

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How SimuCUBE helps simulator builds[edit | edit source]

The main function SimuCUBE is to aid implementing Force feedback system (FFB) such as simulator steering wheel or other motorized actuator. SimuCUBE main contributions in this area are:

  • Modular design: SimuCUBE is a motherboard with force feedback controller where IONI Servo & Stepper Drive plugs in as a motor driver
  • Drive motors up to 30 Nm torque
  • High fidelity feedback achieved by real-time force effect generation on hardware
  • Eased installation
    • Single 20 - 49 V DC supply (switching and linear power supply compatible)
    • Direct USB connectivity (USB HID game controller device with Microsoft DirectInput compatibility)
    • Connect external pedals, buttons and levers to the four on-board RJ45 connectors
  • Modern acrylic enclosures for SimuCUBE are readily available
  • Allow customer specific extensions due to open source hardware and firmware

For further introduction, see SimuCUBE product page.

Availability[edit | edit source]

See SimuCUBE web store page for the current stock status, pricing and ordering.

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