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Mechanical[edit | edit source]

Dimension drawing
Dimension Length
Width 160 mm
Depth 87.5 mm
Height < 50 mm (with IONI drive inserted)

3D file (simplified):

2D PDF and DXF files of the acrylic cases can be found here:

In case of DIY project to cut the case acrylic components, the acrylic sheet thickness is 4 mm.

Environmental[edit | edit source]

Property Value Units
Operating temperature 10-70 °C
Storage temperature -30-90 °C
Humidity 0-95 non-condensing  %

Note: on board IONI drive will require forced air flow cooling above 7 A output drive current.

Electrical[edit | edit source]

Power supply[edit | edit source]

Input voltage Input current when idle Input current max
20 - 49 VDC1 Typically < 0.4 A Depends on power driven to motor. Up to about 25 A peak consumption is possible. In typical cases 10A @ 48V is sufficient supply.


  • SimuCUBE has an input diode for reverse input voltage protection
  • Switching mode power supply (SMPS) and linear transformer based power supplies are directly suitable

I/O[edit | edit source]

All back face I/O connector pins of SimuCUBE are ESD protected.

Property Connector/pins Value Unit
Button connection X12A/X12B Switch connected between input pin and GND pin
Button input pull-up voltage X12A/X12B 3.3 V
Button input pull-up resistance X12A/X12B 3.3 kOhm
Analog input voltage range X11A/X11B 0-3.3 V
Analog input impedance X11A/X11B > 10 kOhm
Analog input resolution X11A/X11B 12 bits
E-stop / Safe torque off input connection X1 pins 6-7 Normally closed (NC) switch connected between X1 pins 6 and 7

Motor control[edit | edit source]

SimuCUBE motor control is based on a IONI Servo & Stepper Drive that plugs on the provided socket. All motor control specifications are identical to IONI drive specifications. Refer to IONI specifications for details about:

  • Output current ratings
  • Supported Feedback devices
  • Heat dissipation & cooling
  • Fault protections

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